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A word from the founder..


I would like to welcome you all to  Noor Business Academy where we are committed to providing the youth with a new level of training; one that prepares them for a 2030 Saudi Arabia and beyond!  


Our creativity stems from  a deep understanding of the issues facing the younger generation and the realization of the real challenges facing them. We totally understand that such challenges stem from  the gap between the educational institutions they come from, and that of the job market, and we totally believe that such a gap can only be addressed by training academies aspiring to lead the training industry like us! We, therefore,  have taken it upon ourselves to close the loop in each and every endeavor of ours in our attempt to empower the youth with the knowledge, skills, and connections needed to climb the ladder.   

Our academy is a venue for all those wanting to lead the future in a unique, creative, and innovative way. We bring you all that is needed for a brighter future, all under one roof! So, join us and enjoy  endless opportunities for learning and creativity, and lifelong friendships ..

I welcome you again to our Noor Business Academy, a place that feels home!


Jannat Al-Abbasi, PhD

Founder  & CEO


and by the way, we don't work hard, we work smart!

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